Fox and Little Hound Are Playing Together. Look at This Cute Video of Best Friends!

Just like kids!

The fox and the hound may be the most unusual couple on the media, but all know that animals can find something in common if they get along well. The same can be said about the unlikely duo below. It seems that the fox is comfortable in the household as she starts chasing the dog and playing with the owners for several minutes straight.

One would say that having pets at home is problematic, but when you have to deal with the fox who is both cunning and smart, there is a lot to think about. Below, you will see the members of the household who are okay with being around one another.

They do not hesitate to win us over with their manners, and when we see the dog and the fox on the screen, we are ready to believe that they can be best buddies. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that these two are indeed one of a kind. When you witness them below, you realize that they have already become the part of the community and the owners love them dearly.
Fox and Little Hound Are Playing Together. Look at This Cute Video of Best Friends!

The video later shows the fox trying to cuddle with humans. This animal is not the most obvious choice for a pet, because foxes are generally considered to be wild and unruly, but you will surely agree that we can make an exception for the hero of the today’s footage.

The family members decide to make a short film about the fox who is trying to play with the owners and become the center of attention as they are filming the animal for hours on end. The fox definitely becomes the source of joy and entertainment in the household.

Before long, you are already smitten with the little one and wish to have cuddles on the spot. Although there is a common notion that one cannot keep wild animals at home for fear of unexpected consequences, we need to point out that this fox is indeed special.

Watch the members of the household below and prepare to be charmed by their manners. They know that they are loved no matter what, that’s why they manage to win our hearts in a matter of seconds. This is the reason the viewers can’t get enough of the tape!